Green burials home pageWhat is Conservation Burial?

Natural (or “green”) burial is a safe and legal burial practice that uses biodegradable containers and avoids embalming fluids and vaults. Conservation burial goes a step further to commit burial fees to pay for land acquisition, protection, restoration, and management.

Not only does conservation burial help protect land, but the burial area becomes hallowed ground, restored to its natural condition and protected forever with a conservation easement. Native plants beautify the burial sites. Citizens who support conservation are offered a more meaningful burial option with the certainty that protected land is the ultimate legacy to leave for future generations. Families and friends are brought closer to nature in the commemoration of their loved one’s life.

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Conservation burial costs less for the consumer and has fewer environmental impacts than conventional vault burial. Unlike burial in a conventional cemetery, natural burial avoids introducing pollutants to the environment. A natural cemetery reduces environmental impacts. A conservation cemetery – like Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery – goes a step further to restore and preserve land with a perpetual conservation easement. The conservation easement legally protects the land from all future development beyond that of burials and cemetery operations. Conservation cemeteries like ours preserve natural spaces important not only to plants and wildlife, but where people may find the serenity of being close to nature. Burial in this beautiful and natural setting leaves a legacy of land conservation in honor of those we love.

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gbclogo_crPCCC is operated by Conservation Burial Inc. as a conservation burial ground following the certification standards of the Green Burial Council. Proceeds of burials are used to purchase and conserve land for future generations, including the 93 acres located at PCCC in Gainesville, FL. The cemetery property, including all burial areas, is maintained as conservation land. Please discuss our cemetery with your friends and family.