Conservation Burial Inc. (CBI)  is a Florida not-for-profit corporation established by a group of Alachua County residents seeking to accomplish two goals: provide all people the opportunity for an environmentally sensitive burial,  and to establish and maintain conservation lands for the benefit of the residents now and for years to come.  CBI is managed by a board of directors with diverse backgrounds but sharing a common belief in the sensibility of green burial.

Conservation Burial Inc. is:

Freddie Johnson (Director) has over 30 years experience in the health care & athletic industries and has been a Gainesville resident since 1989.

Allan J. Moynihan (President) is a retired asset manager, community organizer, tutor, father to two UF grads.

Robert Hutchinson (Director) is a former director of our local land trust, an Alachua County commissioner, and musician.

Susan Marynowski (Director) is an environmental educator and herbalist who embraces living, healing, and dying in harmony with the cycles of nature.

Laurie Fagan Jennings (Secretary) a Gainesville native, is coordinator for local non-profit health clinic Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs (ACORN) for past 20 years.

Jim Wagner (Director) is a retired UF Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics, University of Florida College of Medicine, and a resident of Gainesville since 1970.

Tim Fitzwilliam,  (Director)  a Gainesville native, a recent UF grad in sustainability studies,  a devoted seeker after truth, and our former Volunteer Coordinator.

Diane Haines, (Treasurer) a UF graduate with over 40 years as an educator and accountant, is a resident of Oak Hammock at the University of Florida.

Marianne Prince (Director) is a master’s educated nurse who has been retired for 1 1/2 years. The last 17 1/2 years of work were spent at the Gainesville VAMC. She has several daughters and a granddaughter who live in Gainesville. She aspires to be a painter and live happily ever after.