Burial Form

Burial Preferences

Do your loved ones know your end-of-life plans for funeral and burial? Death inevitably comes to all of us. It is a generous act to record your burial preferences.

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Burial space at Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) is only provided at the time of need. While we do not make “pre-need” sales, potential patrons can indicate their desire to be buried at PCCC by completing and returning a Burial Preferences form. By doing so, you can reduce stress for family and friends, while guiding them to honor your preferences.

PCCC only provides burial services. Funeral services will be required before the burial. There are two options available for funeral services and PCCC is happy to work with:

  1. funeral service providers or
  2. families performing home funerals.

email1Contact us  or call (352-317-7307) if you need more information about either of these options or if you need instructions for natural burial practices sent to your funeral provider.

IMG_0835As you are planning your funeral / burial preferences, you should make your family and friends aware of your plans for end-of-life and funeral care. Make sure to give copies of the Burial Preferences form to your loved ones and other cooperating members of your “plan”.



Burial Preference Form

To view or print the two-page form please click here. 


Fees for PCCC Burial Services

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As an exempt cemetery, we do not sell burial spaces or merchandise. We only charge you for services rendered at the time of burial. A one-time service fee of $2000 (for human natural burial) is charged for the opening and closing of each grave at PCCC. Each burial includes a small memorial marker. We invest a portion of every service fee in a perpetual care endowment fund to provide care for the cemetery in the future. The fee also provides for the maintenance of cemetery records.

Family and friends are welcome to engage in the ceremony of their choice at the time of burial. At least one PCCC board member or volunteer attends each burial. Of course, family members and friends are welcome to visit PCCC at any time in the future during hours of operation.

  • $2,000 human natural burial
  • $650 human cremated remains burial