Burial Policies and Fees

16-CIMG0486_edited-1-1024x768Burial at Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) is available to anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, religious beliefs, national origin, gender, or political affiliation. You may indicate your intent to be buried at Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery by filling out a Burial Preferences form. Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery will ensure that there is enough space for everyone who submits a copy of their Burial Preferences form.

The policies of Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery address our dual mission of environmentally friendly burial and land conservation.

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery:
Policies and Procedures005

These are the policies and procedures of Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC). The policies and procedures are integral to our dual mission of environmentally friendly burial and land conservation. PCCC is operated by Conservation Burial, Inc. in partnership with Alachua Conservation Trust, Inc.

1. Acceptance of bodies

A. Bodies or cremated remains will be accepted.
B. Embalmed bodies will not be accepted.
C. Only biodegradable personal possessions may be interred, except that small items such as dental fillings, prosthetic devices, and similar metal articles of minimal size are allowed.

2. Burial containers

A. No burial container is required.
B. Burial containers or urns shall be biodegradable. Wooden caskets, baskets, cardboard boxes, and natural-fiber fabric shrouds may be used. Containers may not have any non-biodegradable finishes, including but not limited to stains or varnishes.
C. No concrete, metal, plastic, ceramic, or other non-biodegradable caskets or vaults or containers or parts may be used. If family linens or clothing are included in the burial, materials shall be biodegradable (e.g., cotton, linen, wool).

3. Burial spaces

A. Burial locations cannot be reserved or otherwise selected prior to need with the exception of a person in Hospice care.
B. A burial location may be selected at the time of need by a person with authority over final disposition of bodily remains (e.g., family member or acting funeral director).
C. While reservation of multiple or adjacent burial locations for spouse/partner burials is not available, PCCC maintains enough space around each burial for spouse/partner burial.

4. Markers

A. Headstones or other above-ground markers are not permitted, except that a 2-inch round bronze or aluminum personalized marker will be provided at “no charge” by PCCC for each burial.
B. Markers will be mounted on a piece of #5 iron rebar at the center of each grave and flush with the surface.
C. The center point of each grave (marker) will be located by its distance from four points on the 200 foot square cemetery grid.
D. All bodies will be marked according to Florida law with a non-biodegradable tag.

5. Memorials

A. Memorial objects and plant material will be allowed to remain on the grave for one week. After one week, plant materials and other organic items will be composted. Items of value will be donated to an appropriate charitable organization. Family members should not expect to recover objects, as PCCC will not be responsible for items left on the graves or cemetery grounds.
B. No living plants may be planted at a burial site without approval of PCCC, in accordance with the PCCC land management and restoration plan. Native plants may be available for memorial plantings.

6. Cemetery plan

A. PCCC will be managed under a land restoration plan that may include mowing, grazing, planting native vegetation, and/or controlled burning, including over burial sites.
B. The plan will include location and maintenance of roads, trails, and other facilities in keeping with the provisions of the perpetual Conservation Easement.

7. Contract

A. The responsible party will sign a burial contract before burial occurs. Payment of the burial fee is expected at the time services are rendered. No credit will be extended.
B. The responsible party will also be offered the opportunity to sign a waiver for CBI use of photographs.

Fees and Services

  • $2,000 human natural burial
  • $650 human cremated remains burial
As an exempt cemetery, we do not sell burial spaces or merchandise. We only charge you for services rendered at the time of burial. The one-time service fee of $2000 (for human natural burial) is charged for the opening and closing of each grave at PCCC. Each burial includes; for free, a small memorial marker. We invest a portion of every service fee in a perpetual care endowment fund to provide care for the cemetery in the future. The fee also includes the benefit of maintenance of cemetery records.

PCCC is happy to work with funeral services providers or families performing home funerals. At the time of burial, family and friends are welcome to engage in the ceremony of their choice. At least one PCCC board member or volunteer attends each burial. Of course, family members and friends are welcome to visit PCCC at any time in the future during hours of operation.

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery Bench Policy

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery accepts the donation of benches that
commemorate the lives of loved ones buried here. These provide a place of respite for those who explore the beauty of this site. The following policies help us retain our status as a conservation preserve.

1. All bench donations must be pre-approved by the Land Manager.
2. The cost of materials and labor is to be paid by the donor.
3. Benches must be constructed of any type of reclaimed, unfinished wood or of
natural native woods. We suggest cedar or cypress since they are lightweight, naturally weather resistant, and renewable.
4. Wood for benches should be untreated, unstained, unpainted and
unvarnished. Natural preservative finishes such as linseed oil are allowed.
5. Benches must be no more than 50” wide and 18” deep. The height should be
between 14” and 20”. We have several approved designs for benches that
are available on request.
6. You are free to choose any carpenter or ask us for a recommendation. A
weather-resistant plaque not larger than 3” by 5” bearing one or several names only may be attached.
7. Appropriate sites will be determined by our Land Manager. Although
donors’ wishes will be considered, we need to ensure that benches do not
interfere with cemetery operations. A bench may be moved from its original
location at the discretion of the Land Manager.
8. Benches must be delivered to the cemetery by prearrangement. A placement
and maintenance fee of $500 is to be paid prior to or at the time of delivery.
9. Benches become the property of the cemetery and will be maintained by the
10. Benches will be removed if they become unsafe or obstructive or if they were not authorized. When the donors can be contacted, unauthorized benches will be available for recovery for a short time.

PCCC Operations

Fees are used to cover costs of burial. A portion of each burial fee goes into a perpetual cemetery management fund.  An addition portion is deposited into a “land fund” designated for conservation land purchases to be affiliated with natural burial grounds.

Our initial soil surveys indicate that approximately 1/3 of the site is appropriate for burials. The number and density of burial plots will be determined by soil and environmental conditions, but we expect to be able to bury up to 300 people per acre in the burial area, compared to 1,000 people or more per acre in conventional cemeteries.

The cemetery will include gathering areas, trails, boardwalks, benches, and overlooks.

A percentage of each burial fee goes into a perpetual endowment for the long-term care of the conservation burial ground. Long-term cemetery maintenance will involve complete ecological restoration of the site, including: planting of native trees, shrubs, herbs, and wildflowers; removal of invasive and exotic species; reintroduction of occasional prescribed fire; restoration of hydrology; and protection of threatened and endangered species.