Cremated Remains

Cremated Remains are brought to Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) in many containers and from various points around the globe.  Ashes burial at PCCC can provide the benefit of having a beautiful and peaceful physical place to honor the life of a beloved family member or friend. At the time of burial, family and friends are welcome to engage in the ceremony of their choice. At least one PCCC board member or volunteer attends each burial. Of course, family members and friends are welcome to visit PCCC at any time in the future during hours of operation.


As an exempt cemetery, we do not sell burial spaces or merchandise. We only charge you for services rendered at the time of burial. The one-time service fee (for human cremated remains burial) is charged for the opening and closing of the grave. Each cremated remains burial is marked by a small memorial marker. We invest a portion of every service fee in a perpetual care endowment fund to provide care for the cemetery in the future. The fee also provides for the maintenance of cemetery records.

See our Policies and Fees page for more details.