For Funeral Directors

For Funeral Directors

You can set up pre-arrangements for a green burial at Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) by following a few simple steps.
The only requirements for a body to be buried at PCCC are that the body may NOT be embalmed and it must be prepared for burial in a biodegradable shroud or container. A shroud can be as simple as a 100% cotton sheet. Some examples of biodegradable containers are caskets made of wicker, reed, cardboard or a natural wood casket. There can be no metal hardware or finishes. Vaults are not allowed at PCCC and all graves are dug by hand.
Here is how to pre-arrange for burial at PCCC:


Have your client complete our planning tool: Burial Preference form

Keep a copy of the completed Burial Preference Form in your file. Provide a copy of the completed form to the customer, to keep with their death care documents. VERY IMPORTANT: Send a copy of the completed form to us at this address:
Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery
7204 SE Coutny Road 234
Gainesville, FL 32641


Collect our fee of $2000 and hold in trust until the time of burial.

Our fee is for opening and closing the grave. We do not sell land rights for individual plots; PCCC retains ownership of all the land for management as a conservation area. For each ceremony we provide up to 40 chairs at the burial site. Our staff will be present to guide the family throughout the entire burial process and help as little or as much as the family desires. We also provide a free two-inch brass marker with the deceased’s name and dates. In addition to the marker the grave is also searchable with GPS coordinates, accessible through this link via smart phone.


Collaborate with family and PCCC to set the burial date and specific details.
Provide us the general size of the deceased, whether they plan to be shrouded or in a container, any relevant dimensions.


Transport body to PCCC at designated time. Please provide a copy of the transit permit for our file. Please provide a plastic name-tag somewhere on the body or in the container.


Follow directions listed here.