7th Annual Memorial Celebration at Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery

11/05/2017 01:00 PM-04:00 PM

Since 2010 we have conducted a Memorial Event on the grounds of the cemetery. The weather has always been terrific with gentle breezes and comfortable temperatures. This event offers substance and value for all.

Starting at 1 pm on November 5th with food and drink will be available for all.

Come take a seat to enjoy a program of music, meaningful words, and poetry from the heart.

If you have loved ones buried at the cemetery and you have not visited in awhile this would be a good day to do so. The grounds of Prairie Creek continue to evolve into a beautiful park. If you plan on choosing Prairie Creek for yourself come and walk the grounds with us. We think you will be delighted by the sheltered coves,the shining meadows and variety of plants.