Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I use a casket?

Yes.   All-wood caskets are accepted.  Natural-fiber body shrouds or any other biodegradable containers are also acceptable.

Is green burial legal?  I thought a body had to be embalmed?


There is no legal requirement for embalming (there are some rare exceptions), caskets, grave markers, burial vaults or grave liners. Bodies that are not embalmed must either be buried within 24 hours OR refrigerated after 24 hours. Refrigeration is a typical service provided by funeral homes OR can be accomplished at home with dry ice or other cooling methods.

What is a home funeral?

Home funerals allow families to care for a deceased person and hold a funeral at home.   Home funerals were quite common in the U.S. until the mid-20th century.  A family can manage a home funeral themselves, or in conjunction with a licensed funeral director. A home funeral must follow all the appropriate legal requirements of the state of Florida.

Please note that Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery is licensed only to provide burial services. Information on our Statutes page is provided as a courtesy for families and funeral directors who are curious about the home funeral process.

You may also check out our Burials page for more information on Funeral Services and Funeral Service Providers.

What are the benefits of a green cemetery over a conventional cemetery?green burial conservation land

Unlike conventional burials and cemeteries, a green burial does not introduce pollutants to the environment.   A green cemetery reduces environmental impact.  Conservation cemeteries like PCCC go a step further and preserve land with a perpetual conservation easement.  Conservation easements preserve our natural spaces, important not only to plants and wildlife…we find serenity when close to nature.  Burial in a beautiful and natural setting honors those we love.

How do you keep track of where people are buried?    Will people be able to find family burial sites?

At PCCC, each grave site is accurately measured to locate it relative to permanent survey markers placed in the ground throughout the cemetery grounds.   Detectable markers are placed in each grave site for identification and GPS data may also be recorded.  Records of all grave sites are maintained by CBI and each grave can be located at any time.  Cemetery personnel can assist family or friends to locate a grave site if needed.

When can we visit the cemetery?

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm every day of the year. Family members, friends, and the public are welcome to visit the cemetery during these hours. Appropriate activities include walking, visiting burials, picnicking, wildlife viewing, botanizing, and other nature-based activities. Please adhere to these hours when visiting at PCCC. We encourage you to check out our 2 kiosks. One kiosk is located at the Kathy Cantwell trailhead, near the Northeast end of the grass parking lot, just after you turn into the cemetery entrance (from County Road 234). A second kiosk is located on the left as you enter the meadows area of the cemetery.

What are the fees for a green burial?

  • $2,000 human natural burial
  • $650 human cremated remains burial

Check out our Policies and Fees page for detailed information.