CBI Directors

Conservation Burial, Inc. (CBI) is a Florida non-profit corporation established by a group of Alachua County residents seeking to accomplish two goals: provide the opportunity for an environmentally sensitive burial and establish and maintain conservation lands for the benefit of the residents now and for years to come. CBI does this by operating Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery in Gainesville, Florida. CBI is managed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Director who have diverse backgrounds but share a common belief in the sensibility and value of conservation burial.

Executive Director

Freddie Johnson has over 30 years experience in the health care and athletic industries and has been a Gainesville resident since 1989.

Board of Directors

Laurie Jennings (President) is a Gainesville native and has for 20 years been coordinator of the local non-profit Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs (ACORN) health clinic.

Jim Wagner (Vice President) is a University of Florida College of Medicine Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics and a resident of Gainesville since 1970.

Fred Cantrell (Treasurer) is an Associate Vice President at the University of Florida and until recently a long time advisor to Conservation Burial Inc.

Marianne Prince (Secretary) is a recently retired master’s educated nurse who spent the past 18 years working at the VA Medical Center, enjoys her daughters and granddaughters, and aspires to be a painter and live happily ever after.

Allan Moynihan (Director) is a retired asset manager, community organizer, religious tutor, and father of two University of Florida graduates with 3 grandsons.

Diane Haines (Director) is a University of Florida graduate with over 40 years’ experience as an educator and accountant and is a resident of Oak Hammock at the University of Florida.

Greg Erdos (Director) is Scientist Emeritus at UF and former Assistant Director of the Biotechnology program. He had previously been Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Zurich. He enjoys life on the edge of the Tuscawilla Lake Preserve.

Eric Lindstrom (Director)  is a labor attorney. He became involved with CBI after moving to Gainesville from California, where he was on the Board of the Sacramento City Historic Cemetery and was a member of the Sacramento County Cemetery Advisory Commission.

Doug Hornbeck (Director) A Steward Award Winner from Alachua Conservation Trust, President of Flamingo Hammock Community Association, and our engraver of burial markers at Prairie Creek Conservation Burial.

Patricia Carter (Director) is a retired local government attorney. She enjoys researching family history, and travelling to the places where her ancestors resided.


Tom Ankersen directs the University of Florida Conservation Clinic housed in the Center for Governmental Responsibility at the College of Law.

Brian Block is the counsel for Concept Companies, which is a construction company and design-build developer and Agent in Charge for Providence Title Company. Formerly Executive Director of the Conservation Trust of Florida.

Robert Hutchinson is an Alachua County commissioner, the former Treasurer of Conservation Burial Inc. the former Executive Director of Alachua Conservation Trust, and a musician.

Susan Marynowski (Director) is a University of Florida graduate and an environmental educator and herbalist who embraces living, healing, and dying in harmony with the cycles of nature and the former Secretary of Conservation Burial Inc.

Mickey Milam is a licensed funeral director for over 50 years and owner of Milam Funeral and Cremation Services and a former Director of Conservation Burial Inc.

Larry Schwandes is a President Emeritus of the UF Organic Graden Cooperative, a retired soil scientist and active Natural Burial pioneer.