PCCC_07 20 10_1569_edited-1Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) was licensed by the State of Florida in 2010. PCCC opened in time to fulfill the last wishes of beloved physician, environmentalist, and community citizen, Dr. Kathy Cantwell, who was buried in the spot that she had admired only weeks prior to her burial in July 2010.

The creation of PCCC began in 2007, with the founding of the non-profit Conservation Burial, Inc. (CBI). CBI is the vision of a group of citizens who wanted to realize the wishes of many supportive community members to have a natural green burial ground that also contributed to land conservation.

The fledgling group worked with land conservation partner Alachua Conservation Trust (ACT) to set aside a portion of the Prairie Creek Preserve site for green burials. The two groups signed a cooperative agreement in which ACT is the land management partner and CBI is the cemetery and burial manager.CIMG0292_edited-1

Since its founding, the cemetery has had natural green burials reflecting the diversity of humankind and including a variety of meaningful ceremonies of remembrance. The land has enjoyed the rebirth and renewal that comes from loving attention. Once scarred by fences, over-grazing, and neglect, the vegetation and wildlife have returned to the land. Walking paths, Hiking Trails, a Picnic Area and resting spots in the cemetery make for an enjoyable outing in North Central Florida. See our Visitors Guide for more information.

Since PCCC opened, the benefits it has brought to the North Florida Community have exceeded its founders’ expectations:

  • A natural choice for human burial and cremated remains burial
  • Opportunities for participation of family and friends in meaningful burial ceremonies
  • A legacy for individuals and families that helps to protect natural areas for future generations
  • A natural and protected conservation area for everyone to enjoy
  • A managed ecosystem to help provide wildlife habitat and clean air and water
  • Regular workshops about important topics related to many aspects of death care planning
  • The Sandhill Stage Concert Series to benefit CBI and ACT
  • The annual PCCC Memorial event

The beautiful work of CBI/PCCC is accomplished through the generous commitment of the all-volunteer board and through the open support of the community for this important mission. We are grateful for any offerings in support of our mission to promote natural burial practices in cemeteries that conserve land and reunite people with the environment. See our Support Page for how you can help.

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