It is important to spread the word about conservation burial, an economically and 13-DSC00073_edited-1environmentally sensitive way to provide a resting place for the deceased while conserving land. PCCC has a number of needs that can be met through your donations of money, goods, services, or volunteer time.

We are grateful for your support of our mission to promote natural burial practices in cemeteries that conserve land and reunite people with the environment.

Volunteering of time is perhaps the most important way for people to support 14-CIMG2230PCCC’s work. Our volunteers help bring people into contact with nature, help to serve the needs of families and friends burying a loved one, and help with the business affairs of operating a cemetery. Your skills and interests can help us with one of our many outdoor and indoor volunteer needs! Please email us at info@conservationburialinc.org if you are interested in assisting with burial services, digging graves, or any other projects.