How to find gravesites

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery (PCCC) is a 78 acre nature preserve protected by a conservation easement, with an active perpetual management fund, and is enhanced by the support of the volunteer community members.

While we realize that you memorialize the specific grave of your loved one, all family members and friends are encouraged to enjoy the entire cemetery as the living legacy of the people and pets buried here. The choice for burial at PCCC is helping all of us to reunite with nature and our environment.

To find a specific gravesite, use the compass button in the side menu titled “Locate – a gravesite” or use this link.

When visiting PCCC, you may find it helpful to visit our kiosks. One kiosk is located at the Kathy Cantwell Trailhead at the North side of the large parking area, which is immediately to the right as you enter Prairie Creek Preserve from County Road 234. A second kiosk is located approximately ¾ of a mile down the main access road to the cemetery (coming from the large parking area).

If you are visiting or need assistance please call (352) 317-7307 and we will arrange for a PCCC volunteer to give you a tour of the cemetery and assist you to locate burial sites.